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For us the product’s lifespan, reusability and versatility are equally important.


Nowadays efficiency is paramount in every office, for every working team. Ergonomics plays a significant role in achieving the expected efficiency in a natural and convenient way. Many scientific studies and everyday experience demonstrate that correct working conditions eventually lead to efficiency and company growth.

The key to having a suitable working environment is overall ergonomics and the right body posture, particularly when using intensively desktop computer stations. Medical studies confirm that incorrect seating is the more frequent cause of occurrence of health disorders associated with sedentary work. If we realize that we spend one third of our lives on a sitting position, it becomes apparent how the correct body posture when sitting, is a major factor in our overall comfort, health, and quality of work.


When selecting a product, the customer should always bear in mind its purpose: suitable for desktop work, a visitor’s chair, or maybe a technical seating for workshop, etc. Some products are built for extended periods of use, others for shorter periods. Some are designed for one user, some for multiple users alternating on the same chair. The products from our catalogue offer a wide range of details and alternative in order to adapt in full to specific user’s requirements, from both technical and aesthetic points of view.

Please feel free to ask for assistance from our highly trained staff, when selecting the most suitable product for your needs.


When choosing a product, design is a key component of our choice. More often its significance is higher than functionality and even sometimes quality. We strive to combine all these components, into our Italian-style products. When creating new models, we work together with successful designers, gathering inspiration in the traditional style but also out of the box. Like you, we enjoy creativity and novelties, without sacrificing proven and traditional shapes.