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Founded in 2008, is one of the established and leading office furniture suppliers in Dubai and throughout UAE. Our company specializes in the manufacture, supply and distribution of high-quality and contemporary ergonomic seating solutions, including executive chairs and office chairs.


Free Delivery anywhere in UAE
Five years replacement guarantee

We trust the quality of our products more than anyone, hence we confidently offer a 5-year replacement guarantee on any manufacturing defects.

We have a highly specialised staff controlling each phase of the production cycle to produce the best results in terms of quality and value.

We strive to use environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production processes across all our product lines, with emphasis on each product’s lifespan, reusability and versatility.


In the constantly changing fashion and the economic evvironment, the design can change.


In the much restrained space, color brillance and form vividness often brings us real relaxation.


The soul gradually becomes calm, the warm and fragrant breath is permeated the whole space.


In the much restrained space, color brillance and form vividness often brings us real relaxation.

Our Office Furniture Design Principle – Simplicity is a Kind of Beauty

As one of the foremost office furniture suppliers in Dubai, we believe that a suitable working environment is the product of overall ergonomics and right body posture, especially when prolonged use of desktop computer stations is involved. Medical studies show improper seating and body posture is the usual cause of health disorders associated with sedentary work.

Additionally, most people spend a third of their lives on a sitting position, which emphasises the need for correct body posture when sitting, as it significantly affects the overall comfort, health and quality of work of individuals.

Our aim as a company is to provide our customers with ergonomic seating solutions that allow users to maintain the optimal, natural, and most comfortable sitting position for long periods of time. Our range of products includes everything, from office and computer chairs to high-end executive chairs in Dubai.